Alright then. Now that you are here, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to come up with some really awesomistic thoughts to occupy this opening bit of space. And then, I'm going to bake some marshmallows, and drench the marshmallism into those thoughts, so that if nothing else happens, your cranium leaves with a sweet, sweet taste in its cheeks. And finally, as the final hoopla, I'll borrow a couple of jazzercizers to dance to the tune of somnambulist jingles. Yes, that's what's I'm going to do.
-the literal definition of 'procrastination'

Notes: * All random compilations on the site are stained with uniquity  
             * All photos have been taken by Subhadeep, Benny and Somesh (all great picateurs)
             * Yes, I'm giving Mariam-Webster a run for his/her/their money